The Best Green Raccoon Removal Methods

Many of us who live far from cities and deep into farmlands and forested areas, know that nuisance wildlife, such as skunks, coyotes, opossums and raccoons can be quite a problem. And especially getting rid of raccoons can become a headache and time-consuming. However, these rodents can be extremely adaptable and will be found in urban and suburban areas as well and will create shelter on your property — in barns, sheds, attics and even sewers. It can be dangerous to handle and remove any wildlife, and it ranges from getting badly frightened to getting bitten and contracting diseases such as rabies. But if you’re in the know, dealing with raccoons is both challenging and accessible. Here are a few strategies to get rid of raccoons without feeling guilty.

1. Get Rid of What Raccoons Want

ldentify what is attracting raccoons in your property and get rid of it This is one of the easiest and humane methods. Your garden and lawn could be home to the giant insects that raccoons love, for example, grubs, which they relish. Get rid of yard garbage which raccoons would forage. Stop feeding your dogs and cats outside. Find a way to trap mice and rats.

2. Scare Raccoons

Use floodlights or sprinkler systems to scare raccoons. Depending on other resources you can procure, use sensors in problem areas where raccoons frequent. Place the sensors and use the correct settings to trigger at night. The powerful jets of water are likely to scare them off.

3. Predator Urine

lf you can obtain a large predator urine, the better. The scent alone will deter the raccoon from the area It fools them into thinking there’s a larger, more dangerous animal in the neighborhood, that can make a raccoon its meal. Many sporting goods stores stock these scents for hunting purposes, e.g. Amazon. Buy a variety of urine scents to maintain consistency.

4. Use Raccoon Eviction Liquid

When a female raccoon gives birth, her natural instinct is to protect her young. Male Raccoon scented pheromone is a product of male raccoons and is a predator to female raccoons when they’re giving birth. If you place it near a den area, the female senses danger to her young and will leave quietly after dark. It works best between February and August and is by far the best humane removal method.

5. Trapping

Traps are an efficient way of capturing raccoons. Once you trap them, city authorities are happy to get rid of them for you The best bait is to try watermelons and sardines. They find this recipe hard to recipe hard to resist. But before trapping any animals, check with your local laws. Many city authorities will let you traps pests and wild animals.

The local Raccoon Removal Markham department can even supply you with a free trap. But if you wish to catch the animal and move it into another area, make sure to inform the Animal Control Department. If you know where raccoons are spending most of their time in your home, it will help you devise the best control method. Remember the best way is to apply several control methods at once.