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Afraid not to Wake Up with Your iCloud Account Hacked? Secure it!

You’ve probably heard about the big scandal in which were involved big names from the Hollywood film industry, and those actresses are now ashamed to meet the eyes of their fans. They trusted iCloud and stored on their accounts the most intimate pictures, but malicious persons hacked Apple’s system and stole those pictures, then made them public. We’ll never look at Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s movies again…

A short story of iCloud

The cloud service was released in 2011 and its mission was to host all kinds of important documents, audio files or photos of every Apple user who opened an account. After the users backed up their files, they had access to them anytime, from any device that has Apple ID.

But you must know that once something goes outside your iPhone or iPad and gets stored in the cloud, there’s a possibility that you could be a victim of a security breach, in case some hacker decides to crack into your iCloud account. But there are ways to prevent this from happening, and this is what you can do to stay safe.

Be informed

The internet hosts a lot of information and you can use it to get informed, to know how to protect your privacy so you won’t end up like Jennifer Lawrence, to see your private parts exposed to the public.

Although Apple tried initially to deny the iCloud breach, later, we understood that the application called “Find My Phone” had some security breach and the hackers took advantage of the vulnerability and used many combinations of passwords until they finally accessed the iCloud accounts of the actresses.

Maybe the celebrities were uninspired and chose weak passwords, and it wasn’t very hard for the hackers to guess them. The only needed the email address used by every celebrity to sign up to Apple ID, and from here, they started to introduce all kinds of combinations until they hit the right password. So, our recommendation for you is to change your password as often as possible, or to change your email address, as well.

Delete your compromising files

Every photo you take or every video you record are backed up automatically, so if you take nude pictures and don’t want to get into the wrong hands, delete them from your iCloud account. Go to Settings->iCloud->Storage and Backup->Manage Storage, then choose the data you want to delete.

Two-step iCloud verification

This verification is an additional feature which looks after your device’s Apple ID and prevents strangers from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

After setting it, you can register any device you like and you’ll receive a SMS with a 4 digit verification code through Find My iPhone. You’ll use it to enter your Apple ID account.